Breakfast Workshop with Pro-Present 12th September 2017


12th September, 8:30 – 10:30 am.





Barbara Gray





Phyllis Roome



Communication, public speaking and media training were the focus of our breakfast conference with Pro-Present at the Franco-British Chamber Tuesday 12/09/2017, where Barbara Gray and Phyllis Roome shared their expertise and showcased the essence of their coaching services at Pro-Present.

Following Barbara’s extensive journalistic career with the likes of ITV, ABC, CNN and BBC amongst others, and Phyllis’ successful career in radio (BBC and France Culture) and in theatre (National Theatre of London), the pair now combine their wealth of experience in the media sector to form Pro-Present, a media and communication skills coaching team which organises sessions in both French and English.

At the breakfast conference, they guided us through a perceptive presentation on how to better present ourselves and our businesses both in public speaking and interviews. A central notion was that communication is “learning about yourself”; Phyllis explained that there are ways to break down our own barriers of fear, making the commonly frightening experience of public speaking more accessible to everyone. Barbara was then able to rationalise the interview process, creating a digestible process of preparation techniques and methods of answering interview questions, whilst defining and conveying your own “message”.

The second half of the breakfast comprised of a demonstration, whereby a volunteer delivered a speech and mock interview. Not only did Barbara and Phyllis give their expert advice and criticism to this volunteer, but also opened the evaluation out to the audience, giving us a greater insight to improving our speech making and interview skills. The session ended with questions from the floor, where Barbara and Phyllis were able to provide valuable and constructive answers to queries raised.

As a result of their breakfast presentation, and by general request, Barbara Gray and Phyllis Roome are running a day’s Seminar on the theme ‘YOUR MESSAGE AND ITS APPLICATIONS’ which will take place from 9h to 17h on Thursday October 5th.

If you think you or your company could benefit from coaching in media training and communication skills, do not hesitate to register for our upcoming event, or to contact Barbara and Phyllis to book a session. Visit their website at:, for more information and all of their contact details.