Conference on Intergenerational Management – 14 September 2017


Conference on Intergenerational Management

Today Hélène Chenesseau from Rebirth Consulting delivered an insightful presentation on how managers and companies can manage and motivate their staff of different ages effectively.

The importance of recognizing that employees belong to a different age group was an idea that came to the forefront; this is because Baby Boomers, Generation X members, Generation Y and Z members and millennials are all motivated differently.

Hélène aptly compared and contrasted how these groups are motivated. It became clear that what motivates Generation X differs to the needs of Generation Y. For example, Generation X members are motivated by company loyalty whereas members of Generation Y frequently change jobs.

Helene ultimately answered the question why is it Important to distinguish between different age groups?

The answer became evident. Managers who are aware of their employees’ wants and needs will find that they are more successful at attracting and retaining the best staff.

Helene gave tips and strategies on how managers can effectively motivate people from different age groups.

Participants at the conference resonated with Hélène’s conference which sparked an interesting and interactive discussion on managing staff of different ages.

Watch the event here: