How to increase your corporate visibility


Through its publications, the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry allows your company to promote your products and services to professionals interested or involved in the trade between France and the UK.

Several options are available: the Franco-British Trade Directory, our Member to Member Programme, our Online Advertising and social media broadcast, and finally our fortnightly Newsletter on the website.


The FBCCI Trade Guide is the directory of our members, including three categories: our Corporate’s, President’s Forum’s and Entrepreneurs’ members. This is distributed each year to all members’ representatives, free of charge as a benefit of their membership. It allows companies to share their corporate details to our wide variety of members.


The Member-to-Member Programme is a scheme that allows FBCCI members from a range of business sectors to share promotional offers with each other. Members can use the programme to advertise promotional offers that they have recently released, for the exclusive benefit of their fellow FBCCI members. There is NO COST to join the programme; the only stipulation is that you are a paying member of the chamber.

The programme also publishes a regular e-newsletter.


Our members may insert an advert or a link subject to payment on our website.


Our fortnightly Newsletter is sent by mail to our members, which is made up around 2500 representatives in France and in the UK, presenting its upcoming events, special offers and some Franco-British news.


The Franco-British Chamber gives the opportunity to its members to publish some advertising or offers via an e-mail, which is sent to all other members. The firm, which chooses this option can improve its visibility and promote its new products or services to many companies.

For more information, please contact us using our Contact Form.