Situated on the north coast of France, Normandy is a geographical region with a rich history, as well as a thriving British expatriate community. It is divided into two administrative regions, Basse-Normandie and Haute-Normandie, both of which host delegations belonging to the Franco-British Chamber.

Apart from being a pleasant place to live, strategically located between two world class capitals, Normandy also boasts industry sectors at the top of their game. Normandy excels in the Automotive, Agro, e-secure transactions, energy (nuclear as well as renewable) and Equine sectors. Competitiveness clusters have emerged from three of these sectors.

Normandy’s proximity to both England and Paris, with world known tourist sites (Mont St Michel, D-Day landing sites) and historical roots (William the Conqueror, Bayeux tapestry) make it a dynamic location to visit and live for the ex pats (8,500 British residents are estimated to be in the region).

Businesses who have already affiliated are from many different disciplines, including Accountants, Web Site Designers, Property Agents, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Holiday Businesses, Banks, Insurance Agents, Lawyers, Translators to name but a few.

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