SME Breakfast – 7th November 2017

SME Breakfast 7th November 2017


This event will be held with Robin Young from Firstpoint Marketing & Communications on the subject of branding and company value.

The annual BrandZ “Most Valuable Global Brands 2017” report produced by WPP, gives an insight into the latest changes in the hierarchy of the world’s leading companies. It identifies trends and highlights which sectors are on the way up or down. It looks at this from a marketing point of view and specifically the influence of brands on the real and perceived value of companies.

With more than 300 pages is does not make for a light read. We are however able to propose you a 30-minute summary and, we hope, ensuing discussion and debate at the next SME Breakfast.

Robin Young from Firstpoint Marketing & Communications will summarize for us the key points and take a closer look at the position of French and British companies.



The SME breakfast is an ideal networking opportunity for all small and medium business owners looking to exchange ideas, discuss challenges and find solutions in the form of a roundtable breakfast event.


This event was broadcasted live on our Facebook page, you can still watch it here


Please note that our SME Breakfasts are reserved uniquely for paying Members of the Franco-British Chamber.

The event will take place from 9:00 – 11:00 at:
The Franco-British Chamber,
63, avenue de Villiers
75017 Paris