SME Breakfast at the Chamber – 4 April 2017

For this month’s SME breakfast, “How to get the Right Price for your Services” we were delighted to be joined by Anouche Babayan from Evolution ABC, a company that specialises in coaching businesses and individuals to success in their global missions, allowing them to become confident on a cultural, linguistic and strategic level.

Ms Babayan delivered an interesting presentation and highlighted the importance of self-confidence in the workplace, in addition to knowing the value that you, as an individual, bring to the company you work for. She demonstrated how simple things, such as your body language, can have an enormous impact on the way others perceive you and how you bring a set of skills to your job that are unique to you.

She also spoke about how this confidence is important when setting the price for the services you offer, inspiring confidence herself in the participants who engaged willingly with the talk, which presented new ideas on how to negotiate successfully.


Note: Please email if you are interested in speaking at an upcoming SME Breakfast.