SME Breakfast at the Chamber – 4 July 2017

The SME breakfast is an ideal networking opportunity for all small and medium business owners looking to exchange ideas, discuss challenges and find solutions in the form of a roundtable breakfast event.

Please note that our SME Breakfasts are reserved uniquely for paying Members of the Franco-British Chamber.

Our upcoming event will be an interactive workshop run by Coding Days on the subject of ‘What’s hidden behind a website?’

Coding Days is a startup teaching web development for everyone (corporates and personal customers) and was founded by Fanchon MAYAUDON-NEHLIG, a former teacher, and Alexandre ZANA, a web developer in 2017.

Because we know the first step is always the hardest, we teach you the basics of code and digital culture.”  

This SME Breakfast is designed for beginners to coding, enabling participants to see what happens behind the screen when visiting a website and to learn, during a live coding session, how to read a new language: HTML and CSS and write a first line of code.

This event will be held in French and everyone is welcome to bring laptops.

Note: Please email if you are interested in speaking at an upcoming SME Breakfast